Major Crime

Criminal Investigations

Major Crime

Major Crime investigates many of the serious criminal cases that occur in Ocean County. Major Crime is comprised of Arson / Environmental, Cold Cases, Firearms Training, Homicide / Missing Persons, and Vehicular Homicide. Major Crimes is staffed with Detectives, Agents, and Assistant Prosecutors who are experts in their respective investigative field.


Arson / Environmental

Arson / Environmental is responsible for the investigation of suspicious fires, fires that result in injury, commercial building fires, wildland fires, explosions, hazardous material spills, illegal dumping of hazardous materials, suspicious packages and substances, and any fire or explosion resulting in catastrophic loss. Arson and Environmental Detectives work in conjunction with local, county, state and federal law enforcement officials depending on the circumstances of the case.

Cold Cases

Cold Cases are handled by Detectives from Homicide along with municipal Detectives. With fresh eyes and the ability to utilize new and improved technology, these individuals work together to review and examine unsolved homicide cases to help.

Firearms / Training

The responsibility of Firearms / Training is to ensure that investigative staff members are proficient and safe with their firearms. This task is overseen by a Range Master and Certified Firearms Instructors. All investigative staff is required to qualify and demonstrate proficiency in the use of their issued duty weapon(s) twice per year. Personnel also receive instruction regarding the Use of Force Policy along with any updates.

Homicide / Missing Persons

Homicide / Missing Persons is responsible for the detection, investigation and prosecution of violations of those statutes defining criminal homicide. Suspicious deaths or aggravated assault, missing person cases that are deemed suspicious in nature, or where that person’s disappearance indicates foul play may be involved, are investigated by this unit.

Vehicular Homicide

Vehicular Homicide is responsible for the investigation of motor vehicle crashes that involve serious bodily injury or death and where there may be an element of criminality. The Fatal Accident Support Team utilizes our trained internal crash investigation experts and those from local municipalities, who respond to the scene of a serious crash to assist with the investigation. Collectively they provide technical expertise and equipment, which results in a thorough investigative process.