Recovery Court

Special Offenders Unit

Recovery Court

The Recovery Court Program allows individuals who are charged with non-violent criminal offenses to serve a sentence of intensive probation with drug and/or alcohol treatment (sometimes inpatient) rather than a jail term.

Recovery Court seeks to reduce drug and/or alcohol addiction, as well as crime and recidivism, by providing intensive supervision, treatment and judicial oversight for its participants. The Recovery Court Program is made up of a Judge, an Assistant Prosecutor, a Public Defender, a Coordinator, a Team Leader, and Probation Officers.

Probation Supervision works closely with treatment providers to strictly monitor each participant’s progress. The participant’s progress is reviewed by a judge during in-court sessions with adjustments made for both satisfactory and unsatisfactory behavior.

The State takes part in all aspects of the operation of Recovery Court. An Assistant Prosecutor, after receiving extensive specialized training, is responsible for the initial screening of applicants for program eligibility.

Inquiries to apply for Recovery Court must be made through a Defense Attorney.